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Susan is a Shamanic Healer who works with clients, in person and by distance, worldwide. Traveling or “journeying” into non-physical realms
she “sees” and receives information regarding underlying energies and forces that may be influencing a person’s health, relationships, and life circumstances. She is dedicated and passionate about helping clients empower themselves, often receiving guidance from spirit guides and power animals who offer their spiritual wisdom and medicine. Susan is a light worker who is committed to healing and clearing disruptive and/or negative energies and to calling in high frequencies of light to balance, uplift and heal. Clients report profound healing and positive shifts as a result of their work with her. Susan also does energy clearing and balancing work on land, homes, and properties, on site/by distance, worldwide, “clearing and healing the earth, one small patch at a time”.

Her readings often reveal specific influences that have not yet been detected or diagnosed through other more conventional practices. For example, a person may have a persistent difficulty or pattern that keeps reoccurring, regardless of how much inner work they have done. Susan may see an unresolved past life whose influence is still affecting a client in this lifetime. She will shift the replaying energy matrix, which often results in an immediate sense of relief, grounding and empowerment for her client. Or, she may see a guiding spirit or power animal that wants to assist them. She then guides and teaches her clients how to work with these beneficial allies. These are a few examples of how your work with her might evolve. Susan’s healing way is always one of calling in the light, releasing and cleansing, and empowering her clients to move forward in their lives.