A Journey of Self Love and Empowerment through
Healing and Cultivating the Sacred Union of Your Divine 
Masculine and Feminine Energetics & Archetypes

A highly unusual group experience for women and men who want to

learn how to cherish and empower themselves through exploring,

cultivating and consummating their sacred Divine Union Within.

During our 9 months together you will:

  • Liberate yourself from patriarchal chains, false beliefs, stories and disempowering myths that may still influence and impede your life.

  • Explore your relationship with the masculine and feminine energies inside you.

  • Learn how to navigate the intricate dance of these archetypal forces and energies.

  • Learn about the balancing powers of the Sun and Moon Lodge.

  • Ground yourself with the Earth and the Cosmic Medicine Wheel for stability, strength and inner power.

  • Explore the relationship between your inner woman and man and learn ways to nourish their divine union within.

  • Learn to cherish yourself and become your own beloved, first and foremost.

  • Claim your inner power, autonomy and divine sovereignty!

This is for you if:

  • Despite all the personal work you’ve done you still struggle with loving and cherishing yourself.

  • You’re frustrated with how you keep repeating old sabotaging patterns and stories and don’t know how to stop!

  • Your sense of worthiness is dependent on others’ feelings, opinions and projections about you, you’re exhausted and ready to be done with it! 

  • You want to explore the divine masculine and feminine archetypes and energetics and learn how to track and balance them in your life. 

  • You tend to look outside of yourself for validation and worthiness.

  • You want to deepen your connection with nature, the earth and your spirit guides.

  • You long to feel empowered, autonomous and sovereign in your life even though you don’t even know quite what that means!

  • You’re sick and tired of sabotaging yourself and want to silence the voice of your inner critic, once and for all!

  • You’re done with trying to complete yourself with others and want to feel whole unto yourself.

  • You’re excited to learn how to show up in relationships autonomous, intimate and present. 

  • You’d like to explore what being in communion with your inner warrior (women) or inner warrioress (men)  means, and how that can enrich your life and partnerships.

  • You long for more stability and confidence, and want to be centered in your personal power.

  • You’re ready to cultivate a deep sense of trust in your magic, intuition, wisdom and knowing.

  • You’re still hiding in a relationship and have a fear of intimacy.

  • You often feel suffocated and held back by cultural expectations and norms and trapped by the patriarchy.

  • Even though you’re not sure what “the patriarchy” even is, you feel it’s disempowering effect on you!


  • 3 Live group calls a month beginning in October.

  • Extensive supporting course materials and a Divine Union Within Workbook 

  • Secret Divine Union Within Facebook Forum

  • Plus 4 private sessions with Susan (Value: $2,000)

  • Weeklong Shamanic Retreat in Costa Rica in April, 2020! (Value $4,000!)

  • PLUS some EXTRAORDINARY BONUSES to heal, nurture, inspire and ignite body and soul! 

Meet Susan Jenkins

Susan Jenkins is a Shamanic Priestess, Spiritual Midwife and Medicine Dreamer who uses spirit and earth based practices to help people heal, empower themselves, and align with their soul essence and purpose. Susan received her unique gift of sight 35 years ago when she faced a serious health crisis that opened her to the realms of spirit and her shamanic path. She journeys between the worlds to receive wisdom, inspiration and guidance from the earth, spirit guides, power animals, the elements and forces of nature.

A heart-centered, light worker, Susan works in collaboration with luminous beings spirit animals, guides and nature to clear, heal, uplift, and balance energies. Clients report profound healing and positive shifts from her work. Susan works with clients in her private Mentoring program, group programs, retreats and land and home clearings. 

Private:   https://www.shamanichealingwork.com/diamond-program-dreaming-your-vision/
Group:    https://www.shamanichealingwork.com/the-divine-union-within/
Retreat:   https://www.shamanichealingwork.com/retreat-2/
Land and home clearings: https://www.shamanichealingwork.com/home-land-energy-clearing/