As we circle around the planetary, cosmic medicine wheel the Equinoxes and Solstices are powerful energetic portals, marking a poignant transition between the seasons. 

Gather in sacred circle with me at THE ALCYON CENTER on beautiful Seal Cove, Mount Desert Island, Maine, USA, surrounded by Acadia National Park, our Maine coast paradise.

During our special time together we will:

  • Gather in sacred circle and ceremony to honor the Equinox Doorway. 

  • Go on many guided shamanic journeys into the spirit realms for purification,
    healing, guidance and clarity.

  • Commune deeply with nature and the elements as reciprocal healing allies.

  • Create powerful visions and plant fresh vision seeds for the season ahead.

The Equinox is a significant time to:


~ Gather in sacred circle and ceremony.

~ Pay homage to the ancestors.

~ Honor our dear earth in all her bounty.

~ Purify your energy field with blessings from the 4 elements.

~ Commune with and honor nature, our helping spirit allies and guides.


When we carve out the time to:


~ Slow way down 

~ Intentionally align with the seasonal cosmic energies.

~ Honor the earth and purify ourselves.

~ Prepare for and clarify our vision for the new season, we serve the entire web of life.



Our lives will then flow more naturally and gracefully into the next season.



Just imagine how good you will feel if you give yourself this time in retreat? 


 SPACES ARE LIMITED! Is one of them yours?

This is one of those life changing opportunities that comes along rarely.

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