“Susan and I worked together through a very challenging year in my life, and I was very grateful for her sincerity, wisdom, and guidance. From the start I felt comfortable & at ease, as though I had known Susan all my life. She had an uncanny ability to see into situations, and provide a level of clarity & support that was specifically tailored & attuned to me & what I needed every step of the way. I also learned to trust my own intuition, and I looked forward to the drumming journeys& insights gleaned. Susan recently did a home & land clearing for me,which resulted in a positive shift that went far beyond my expectations.  In summary, our work together opened the doorway to a new way of being that is more aligned with who I am and I am excited to step through that doorway. Thank you, Susan!”


“Almost a year ago now, I found out about the Birthing yourself into Being group program. In that moment, I knew that Susan would guide us through a transformative year of self-reflection, deep spiritual engagement and healing. Her gifts come from unfaltering dedication and years of sincere practice. When we journey together I know that Susan’s personal work and knowledge of spirit world, as well as the time and care she has put into preparing the space, will allow the experience to be as revealing and heartful as my soul needs.

I am sincerely grateful to my guides and ancestors for having put this opportunity on my path.

I know Susan’s heart well and she is a gift to all of us who wish to stand in our true light as brave light-beings working towards an awakened humanity. We are the universe evolving in love and awareness. If this work calls to you, do not hesitate.”

Sheila LeBlanc

Church Point, Nova Scotia, Canada

“What can I say? This program (Birthing Yourself into Being Group Program) has been challenging, breaking loose a LOT of old stuff, and at the same time giving me the tools to deal with all that – a real birthing process!!! I’m still feeling like I’m the butterfly in the cocoon, being totally transformed in every cell of my being. The perspective I’ve been gaining keeps me on the side of JOY, instead of the old way of wondering if “society” was right and maybe I’m going off the deep end — ok, I AM going off the deep end, but in a GOOD way :)”
Teri Wojci

Holladay, Utah

“Susan is what I consider to be an awakened, honorable and sacred healer full of grace. Working with her, I felt able to shine light into the most intense and forgotten wounds; together we un-buried them and her gifts helped me to move forward. I learned so much from her gifts and about working with the path that the shamanic healing journey offers us. My work with Susan was the most empowering healing in my journey so far (since my awakening process began in 1998). Susan is gently strong in her ability to hold the sacred space for healing and for us to step into our own power and to recognize who we truly are. She was exactly what I needed when I needed it every step of the way.”
Stacey McBeth

Pennsylvania, USA

The Shamanic work you have done with me has changed my life in deep, profound, and meaningful ways such that I am able to incorporate it into my daily life. Your work is grounded in established teachings and your ego so out of the picture I am eternally grateful. I can not say enough about you as person and you as a Shamanic healer. You really walk the talk. All blessings be.

Rhode Island, USA

“The first time I hired Susan to do a reading and clearing on a property I’d had listed for close to a year with no forward movement, it was ‘under contract’ within a few days after her clearing work. I know her work was instrumental in moving that property and numerous others for me since.”


Realtor, Belfast, Maine, USA

“It’s been an honor for me to work with Susan. The work changed my life in a very profound way.  I found her to be a non-judgmental, caring, compassionate and very competent healer who helped me heal old wounds. As issues came up that needed addressing, we addressed them and I moved on!! She is a powerful, beautiful woman who instilled in me the need to recognize my own power. I am a stronger person because of Susan. As I continue on my spiritual path, I stay in touch with Susan as my friend, mentor and healer.”

Sarah W.

Blue Hill, Maine.

“For years, Susan has worked on houses and land that I have listed for sale to renew and refresh the spirit of the property, generating greater appeal for prospective buyers. In a number of cases, the timing of her work coincided quite remarkably with offers received. Her advice on listings has been both spiritual and practical, and always useful. I would recommend Susan to anyone hoping to enhance and move property, especially in this challenging market.”


Realtor, Camden, Maine USA

“My first experience with Susan, (Gentle Buffalo Woman), was as a shaman who offers land, home and property clearings. I reached out to her because of a recently acquired real estate listing in an area that had taken a fairly hard hit in the real estate crash of 2008-2013. The owners of my listing were told by the local agents that it would take two years to sell their home and worse yet, at a 40% less price point than what we had it listed for. It “came to light“ that a home and land clearing for the ‘whole’ area would be advantageous. The call to go the extra length was strong, not only for my own listing, but also for this beautiful ‘Old West’ community. I contacted Susan for a property clearing. After her work she sent me the Medicine Report on Sept. 23rd. The cabin we had focused on closed on November 18th. The offer was $10k over asking price, all cash, and a close in 20 days. The caveat was a contingency on the buyer’s selling their home. We had several people showing interest, which made the sellers apprehensive in accepting a contingent offer. Another factor was that the buyer’s home location was close to a lake and in a development that is really more of a second home summer destination. We were now approaching winter, so you see the seller’s dilemma. I agreed to drive the 2 1/2 hours north to preview their home. On my way up, their home went into contract for all cash, top dollar and a close in 20 days!!! Divine Intervention at its best! Since then, I’ve sold another home in that area, for top dollar, and within record days on the market. I’m here to say that Susan may not have been the soul{ factor to the market activity in this somewhat depressed area, but I absolutely know that the intentional work she and her spirit guides did, has made a significant difference”. Susan, you and your work are blessing. A BIG heartfelt appreciation, Deborah Lewis Owner /Truckee Realty Brokers, Inc. Truckee/Lake Tahoe, CA

“I am overwhelmed with joy when I think about how my life has changed since working with Susan Jenkins. If you are looking to connect with spirit and do some deep inner work, you will be amazed to find powerful medicine to move you forward on your life’s path. Susan’s soothing voice and gentle guidance take you on amazing Shamanic journeys to the invisible realms. There you will meet your power animals and spirit guides with their unique and meaningful messages. I have been able to overcome blocks to take the steps necessary to manifest my dreams. New opportunities are opening up for me and Susan is helping me feel empowered to go forth with confidence! With the sound of the drum I have journeyed to miraculous places, and emerged to break free of self criticism and self doubt to become a warrioress and create my life’s vision. I am so grateful to have found Susan and her abundant wisdom. If you get stuck or need support she is always accessible to help you. I have become more peaceful, playful, and appreciative of the beauty of nature all around me because of Susan’s teachings. She can help you uncover your own special gifts and talents so you too can be rebirthed into your best and highest self.”


St. Louis, Missouri

I had the pleasure of working with Susan in her Amethyst 6 month program. I am extremely grateful and amazed at all we accomplished during this time. A friend of mine had sent me the info on what Susan offered and instantly I was drawn to do the free consult. From there I was sold.  It was a time where I was feeling isolated and not sure where my next steps were.  I had been doing energy work for over 10 years and a recent relocation, due to my husband’s job, had left me feeling somewhat lost.  Susan lovingly held space so I could climb my sacred mountain, and step out and be who I am meant to be.  I was able stop living in fear of not being accepted and release the old outdated beliefs that had been placed upon me by others.  Susan is definitely someone who honors you and is able to see you for who you are and meant to be. Anyone would be blessed to have the opportunity to work with Susan.”

Patricia Hnatuk

Holistic Energy Practitioner - Universal Healing Energies, Ontario, Canada

Working with Susan has made a strong impact in my life. She is the first person, who I have felt comfortable opening up to. She is someone who I can fully trust. She has a warm and gentle heart. Susan has taught me how to have better relationships with people in my life. She has also taught me how to really step into my power, and be myself. I have been very blessed to be working with her.”

Amber Kauffman

Westminster, Colorado USA

“Susan is a powerful, intuitive healer, teacher, and seer. Her approach is deeply respectful of the individual. Susan has an open heart and a remarkable capacity for deep listening. She is tremendously humble and gives feedback and insight that is transformational, deep, and true. I began to work with Susan when I was 17 years old (about 17 years ago). I was in the early stages of recovering memories of sexual and physical abuse, and I needed help to navigate what was a very complicated and difficult time. As a way to cope with my trauma, I had lived most of my 17 years ‘asleep’, unconscious of the fear that was coloring my life. The work I did with Susan was instrumental in my healing and awakening. During our time together, I learned to trust my own intuition, and I learned to find answers and healing from within. I learned a language and gained an understanding about personal power and boundaries that I continue to use every single day. My journey has been long. In these last 17 years I have worked with numerous therapists, councilors, psychics, and teachers. The quality of healing work that I did with Susan stands alone – not only because of the personal tools I gained in the process, but because her approach was so deeply tailored and intuitively tuned to me and what I needed at the time. It was an honor to work with her, and I will be forever grateful to her for all she has given me.”

Ghigs Razi

Ashland, Oregon USA

I was referred to Ms. Jenkins-Urban by my realtor, after indicating that I wanted my just-purchased property to be “cleared” of any negative energy. I purchased this home with the intention of renting it out, so Ms. Jenkins came over and “worked” on the house. Within 2 weeks, my property was rented to a wonderful tenant (who is still there)! I was so pleased that I hired her to clear my other rental properties, and I have been blessed with great tenants! If you need any kind of clearing or energy work, I highly recommend Susan Jenkins!”

Myriam M.

California, USA

“I worked with Susan in her Amethyst program, over 6 very intense months. Susan lovingly guided me to witness and feel into my past and bring light and healing to parts of me that I didn’t even know existed. As painful as it was many times, Susan was always present with tremendous amounts of love, patience and wisdom. As a result, I am now in my power, living life on my own terms, and creating the most loving, nurturing relationships all around me. I am eternally grateful. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

New Zealand

“My experience with Susan was the most interesting journey of wonderful energy. Susan helped me regain a new outlook on my life and brought a strong healthy way to except the past and have hope and happiness in the near future. Wonderful things have surely appeared! Thank you Susan for teaching and showing me this strength.”

Susan Vanderlain

Brooklin, Maine USA

“I recently completed a one-year commitment of working with Susan.  I walked away from the work we did together with more tools for personal growth, deeper insights into myself, and a more deeply embodied sense of personal direction and purpose.  I continue to integrate all the jewels from this beautiful journey, and appreciated the opportunity to do this work closely with Susan”.
Missouri, USA

Missouri, USA

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12 Month Group Program Birthing Yourself into Being. My guides and I are ready to take you on an empowering journey through the 5 directions on The Medicine Wheel of your life. Through shamanic journeys you’ll meet beneficial allies, helpers, spirit animals and guides, all just waiting to offer their loving guidance and help! It’s time to “Birth Yourself Into Being” and shine. The world needs you!


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12 Month Intensive (1 space is currently available.) Dreaming and Embodying Your Vision is designed for people who are fully committed to taking a deep journey within, nourish their spirits, ground with the earth, and cause empowering change in their lives. Over the 12 months you will be nurtured, encouraged and supported by me as healer, spiritual guide, visionary, coach and medicine dreamer.