Shamanic Healing

Susan Jenkins brings over 36 years of experience to her shamanic healing practice

Shamanic Healing

Over her life, Susan has immersed herself in a wide variety of earth centered studies, practices and other healing modalities. More than three decades ago, Susan went through a serious health crisis, a powerful initiation and “small death passage”, that landed her on her path as a shamanic practitioner and healer. Through that powerful passage, and years of spiritual training and study, Susan developed her gift and ability to “journey” beyond the physical plane to connect with and receive guidance and inspiration from spirit, the cosmos, earth, beneficial spirit guides and power animals.

In her readings, she sees and senses underlying energies that may be influencing a person’s health, relationships and life circumstances. After an initial consultation with a client Susan does a drumming and reading, specific to the client’s questions, needs and/or situation.

Her readings often reveal specific areas in a person’s life where the energies are “off” for any number of reasons, sometimes uncovering influences from a past life or lives and possible soul retrieval work. She works to shift, balance and raise the frequency of the energies, later sharing specific guidance and personal instructions she has received. Readings can also take the form of assisting a client in finding ways to nourish and support a deep spiritual longing, often providing a welcome clarity, direction and specific guidance for stepping more fully onto their spirit path. In whatever direction a reading unfolds.

Susan is deeply committed to empowering her clients and giving them practical and spiritual tools for grounding, personal empowerment and healing. She currently offers personal and group programs. With limited space in her Diamond “Dreaming & Embodying Your Vision”  

Enrollment has begun for her new 9 month Your Divine Union Within group program that kicks off with a Fall Equinox Retreat September 17th – September 20th, 2019 on Mount Desert Island, Maine.  The group program runs from October 2019 – June 2020 concluding with a Summer Solstice Retreat in June, 2020.

To learn more about next year’s Shamanic Retreat at Blue Spirit Yoga Center in Costa Rica   April 25th – May 2nd, 2020                 



POSTPONED UNTIL April 9th – 16th, 2022

Join the many people from around the world that have worked with Susan.

Spaces are limited, so if your heart says “yes”, commit to yourself today!


In a Group

Birthing Into Being

This Birthing Into Being Program will amplify your spiritual connection, infuse you with inspiration, wisdom and guidance, heal, empower and ignite you!

During our 9 months together you will:

  • Learn how to align with the planetary, cosmic medicine wheel for grounding, deep healing, illumination and stability in these challenging times.
  • Become courageous, confident, focused and empowered to speak your truth, no matter what!
  • Clear sabotaging stories, looping thoughts, patterns and limiting beliefs, so that you can step fully into your power and soar – with no looking back!
  • Learn how to INVOKE PORTALS IN NATURE to thoroughly and effectively clear and purify your energy field.
  • Boost and revitalize your immune system.
  • Activate a sense of joy, magic and well being!


Dreaming and Embodying Your Vision

12 Month private program. Dreaming and Embodying Your Vision is designed for people who are fully committed to taking a deep journey within, nourish their spirits, ground with the earth, and cause empowering change in their lives. Over the 12 months you will be nurtured, encouraged and supported by me as healer, spiritual guide, visionary, coach and medicine dreamer.

“The Shamanic work you have done with me has changed my life in deep, profound, and meaningful ways such that I am able to incorporate it into my daily life. Your work is grounded in established teachings and your ego so out of the picture I am eternally grateful. I can not say enough about you as person and you as a Shamanic healer. You really walk the talk. All blessings be.”

D.W., Rhode Island

“My experience with Susan was the most interesting journey of wonderful energy. Susan helped me regain a new outlook on my life and brought a strong healthy way to except the past and have hope and happiness in the near future. Wonderful things have surely appeared! Thank you Susan for teaching and showing me this strength.”

Susan Vanderlin, Maine

You are well worth the investment!

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