Are you looking for GROUNDING, STABILITY and SPIRITUAL CONNECTION in these uncertain times?

Do you feel like all the CARDS IN YOUR LIFE have been THROWN UP IN THE AIR and YOU HAVE NO IDEA where they are going to land?

Do you ever feel DISEMPOWERED, SHUT DOWN, or UNHEARD in your personal relationships?

Are you facing a MAJOR CROSSROAD or  UNEXPECTED TRANSITION in your life that you never saw coming?

Are you looking for more SPIRITUAL CONNECTION, GUIDANCE, EASE and GRACE on your soul path?





You’re HUNGRY and READY to LEARN HOW to effectively PROTECT YOURSELF and CLEAR the CHAOTIC, DISRUPTIVE  ENERGIES and EMOTIONS that are flooding you and the planet right now.


You know in your bones that CONNECTING DEEPLY with the EARTH and NATURE is the ESSENTIAL KEY to your feeling more GROUNDED, EMPOWERED, CENTERED and CONNECTED.

You’re exhausted from trying to FIGURE IT ALL OUT with your fearful primal brain and are READY to SURRENDER to a HIGHER POWER and TRUST in your SPIRITUAL GUIDANCE.


I know what it’s like to have everything you ever assumed and thought to be true, suddenly drop out from underneath you – leaving you face to face with the unknown – uncertain, vulnerable and afraid.


It can be traumatic and shocking to your nervous, system, and destabilizing to your sense of identify and self – on so many levels!

I’ve been there…

38 years ago the life I had known, dropped right out from underneath me, when I was faced with a serious health crisis that launched me onto my spiritual healing path and opened me to the magical realms of spirit and my unique gift of sight and medicine dreaming ways.

It was a profound, challenging and deeply healing initiation and training. When I surrendered to spirit, dropped in deeply with the earth and nature, I opened to the realms of spirit, helping spirit animals, spirit allies and guides. I was supported, loved and at peace like never before.

With spirit by my side and the help of many highly gifted local healers and skilled practitioners, I eventually healed completely, and have been vibrant, strong and healthy now for 34 years. 

Because of this experience, I know from the inside what it’s like to feel cracked wide open, surrendered and vulnerable. And, I also know what it’s like to be on the other side. Because of my healing journey, I have a deep empathy for people who are going through their own spiritual crises, difficult healing initiations and birthing tunnels, and hold a safe, loving space for people to heal and transform.

I teach spirit, nature and earth centered practices and tools that help people connect deeply with the earth and the natural world, meet and work with spirit animals and beneficial guides, to heal, reignite their inner heart fire, empower themselves and embody their shining light and soul visions.

During our Birthing Into Being 9 Month Journey together I’ll share a treasure trove of practices and tools that I’ve gathered over my decades of training and  initiations, that are sure to empower, heal and illuminate your shining essence!

I now wake up each day inspired, motivated, ignited, guided and aligned with spirit …






It’s time to shine. The world needs you!


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 December 2021 – August 2022

Over 9 months (December 2021 – August 2022) you’ll go on an illuminating, introspective, healing  journey into soul-expression and self-realization that will help you embody your shining essence, innate wisdom and soul knowing.


During your journey around the planetary medicine wheel you’ll ground deeply with the earth, commune with the forces and spirits of nature, the four cardinal directions, the elements, spirit animals and helping guides who will help you heal, identify and clear away resistance, heal past wounds, dismantle sabotaging blocks and patterns, so that you can birth yourself into your fullest potential and shining light of your “being”.

I’ve created a unique format that’s rare to find these days, where you’ll have the opportunity to work with me in our intimate, safe, confidential group setting with like hearted brothers and sisters, and in personal private sessions with me spread out over the 9 months.

You’ll learn to connect with the beautiful spirit animals and guides just waiting behind the veils to guide and support you with their powerful, healing medicine. Once you meet and start working with them you’ll never feel alone again.

You’ll learn how to invoke portals in nature to transform and transmute all energies personal and collective that may be flooding your field in these intense times, compromising your core vitality, leaking your energy and dampening your light and shining essence!

This is a time of intense dismantling on a personal and global level! We are all facing the unknown in pretty much all areas of our lives. The number one mistake that I often see people make when they are shedding old parts of themselves – when their old ways of being are falling away – when they’re facing the unknown, is to fall back into familiar sabotaging patterns, out of habit. I will show you how to stop that from happening!

This empowering, deeply healing Birthing Into Being journey will open your awareness in a whole new way, and provide you with the tools and practices to support and prevent you from doing that, and instead continue to open and birth yourself anew and enjoy new ways of being. 

One of the primary practices you’ll learn is to collaborate intimately with nature the earth, on a regular basis. You’ll align with the planetary magnetic vertical and horizontal axes that will give you a sense of stability and calm. You’ll soon begin to relax, surrender and let go of trying “to figure things out” from your fearful mind and develop a deep trust in your inner knowing, spiritual guidance and the unconditional love and power of the earth, our true mother. 

When you drop into this birthing space you’ll start to entrain with the dreaming of the earth and your next steps will begin to magically appear before you, in just the right timing.

Your life will be more effortless and worry and stress will begin to fall away. Your life will become more and more fulfilling and you too will wake up each day full of gratitude, inspiration and excitement! 

You’ll begin to truly awaken to the miracle of life, even in the midst of all the chaos, and learn to trust, more and more, that in the scope of the universe, all is well, and in the right timing.

Are you ready to TRUST and ENTRAIN with the EARTH’S DREAMING for you – to follow your inner guidance and surrender to your Shining essence and HIGHER POWER?

Are you ready to feel a CONNECTION with something GREATER THAN YOURSELF?

Are you ready to OPEN YOUR HEART and RADIATE LOVE and PEACE in your life and all over the planet?

If “YES!” then…





This Birthing Into Being Program will AMPLIFY your spiritual connection, INFUSE you with inspiration, wisdom and guidance, heal, EMPOWER and ignite you, as you birth into the most illuminated, inspired, motivated version of you!  

– Learn how to align with the planetary, cosmic medicine wheel for grounding, deep healing, illumination and stability in these challenging times.

– Learn powerful tools, practices and ceremonies to add to your spiritual tool kit.

– Become courageous, confident, focused and empowered to speak your truth, no matter what!

– Clear sabotaging stories, looping thoughts, patterns and limiting beliefs, so that you can step fully into your power and soar – with no looking back!

– Learn how to INVOKE PORTALS IN NATURE to thoroughly and effectively clear and purify your energy field.

– Boost and revitalize your immune system.

– Dramatically increase your vitality and vibrancy.

– Activate a sense of joy, magic and well being!


A spiritual pathway of direct revelation, connecting you to spirit and the natural world as a source of inner guidance and inspiration. Working directly with the earth, nature, the four directions and elements, creates balance, stability, confidence and clarity.

Through guided journey work you’ll meet beneficial guides and animal spirits, who’ll become lifelong allies and helpers. You’ll gather invaluable, practical, spiritual tools and practices to add to your empowering, healing toolbox. And you’ll get to work with me privately in addition to the group calls.


  • 3 live ZOOM group calls per month.

  • 3 private sessions with Susan.

  • VIP UPGRADE and get 6 private sessions + a Bonus Soul Vision Mapping Session

  • Full access to the program for years to come!



    The Inner Illumination Summit  ~ Season 6  Upgrade Package! (Value $1,497)


     Susan’s popular “Still Standing Strong Package” (Value:$500)

    30% savings on any land or home clearing in 2022.


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“I am overwhelmed with joy when I think about how my life has changed since working with Susan Jenkins. If you are looking to connect with spirit and do some deep inner work, you will be amazed to find powerful medicine to move you forward on your life’s path. Susan’s soothing voice and gentle guidance take you on amazing Shamanic journeys to the invisible realms. There you will meet your power animals and spirit guides with their unique and meaningful messages. I have been able to overcome blocks to take the steps necessary to manifest my dreams. New opportunities are opening up for me and Susan is helping me feel empowered to go forth with confidence! With the sound of the drum I have journeyed to miraculous places, and emerged to break free of self criticism and self doubt to become a warrioress and create my life’s vision. I am so grateful to have found Susan and her abundant wisdom. If you get stuck or need support she is always accessible to help you. I have become more peaceful, playful, and appreciative of the beauty of nature all around me because of Susan’s teachings. She can help you uncover your own special gifts and talents so you too can be rebirthed into your best and highest self.”


St. Louis, Missouri

“What can I say? This program has been challenging, breaking loose a LOT of old stuff, and at the same time giving me the tools to deal with all that… a real birthing process !!! Still feeling like I’m the butterfly in the cocoon, being totally transformed in every cell of my being…The perspective I’ve been gaining keeps me on the side of JOY, instead of the old way of wondering if “society” was right and maybe I’m going off the deep end — ok, I AM going off the deep end, but in a GOOD way :)”
Teri Wojci

Holladay, Utah

“Almost a year ago now, I found out about the Birthing yourself into Being group program. In that moment, I knew that Susan would guide us through a transformative year of self-reflection, deep spiritual engagement and healing. Her gifts come from unfaltering dedication and years of sincere practice. When we journey together I know that Susan’s personal work and knowledge of spirit world, as well as the time and care she has put into preparing the space, will allow the experience to be as revealing and heartful as my soul needs.

I am sincerely grateful to my guides and ancestors for having put this opportunity on my path.

I know Susan’s heart well and she is a gift to all of us who wish to stand in our true light as brave light-beings working towards an awakened humanity. We are the universe evolving in love and awareness. If this work calls to you, do not hesitate.”

Sheila LeBlanc

Church Point, Nova Scotia, Canada


“Susan is what I consider to be an awakened, honorable and sacred healer full of grace. Working with her, I felt able to shine light into the most intense and forgotten wounds; together we un-buried them and her gifts helped me to move forward. I learned so much from her gifts and about working with the path that the shamanic healing journey offers us. My work with Susan was the most empowering healing in my journey so far (since my awakening process began in 1998). Susan is gently strong in her ability to hold the sacred space for healing and for us to step into our own power and to recognize who we truly are. She was exactly what I needed when I needed it every step of the way.”

Stacy McBeth Pennsylvania, USA

The Shamanic work you have done with me has changed my life in deep, profound, and meaningful ways such that I am able to incorporate it into my daily life. Your work is grounded in established teachings and your ego so out of the picture I am eternally grateful. I can not say enough about you as person and you as a Shamanic healer. You really walk the talk. All blessings be. The group was absolutely lovely, substantive, informative and engaging. I have been in many groups and on the medicine path for many years. The alchemy you fostered and brought to this group was magical. Being witnessed, sharing in others journeys and developing additional tools to connect to the essence of who I am has empowered me to step forward into this next phase of my life with joy.” 


Daphne Wales Rhode Island, USA

“I recently completed Susan’s yearlong Diamond Program and am still enjoying the Birthing Yourself Into Being Group. I had never heard of Susan yet scheduled a free consultation during one of the summits. She “nailed” my current issue and brought deep insight into the root cause of my problem. I felt an inner voice say; “you need to study with her, allow yourself to be nurtured and birthed into who you are at a higher level.” The cost was substantial; but over time my investment in me; was well worth it. I think the spirits honored my sacrifice and each visioning call with Susan profoundly contributed to my overall health and wellness. One of the things I most appreciate about Susan is her way of sharing from what she is currently working through or has already worked through in her life. She embodies the concept of being a wounded healer and warrioress. I experienced internal alchemy and integration of body, mind, and spirit during the year of our work together. I am most grateful for the genuine wisdom and insight I received while working with Susan. I can tell you she is a real gem-the real deal; authentic, wild, fun, cutting edge, wise, and warm. She represents the total package and you too can benefit from connecting with Susan 1:1 for a healing-coaching transformative experience”.


Jan Lucier MA, USA

“Susan Jenkins is a powerful, wise, shamanic teacher and healer. As a Licensed Counselor and Shamanic Minister myself, when I was in need of assistance, I turned to Susan.  She was elegant and thorough in her ministrations of soul retrieval, cord cutting as well as calling in and downloading new information and transmissions.  She effectively cleared, cleansed and blessed me as she raised my vibration to higher levels. I have lost 25 pounds and my energy and productivity is soaring. As a result of our work together I am embarking on a new journey to higher practice and with greater confidence”.

Rev. Gail Foss RN, LADC, Reiki Master
Minister of Shamanic Psycho Spiritual Studies

Gail Foss Maine, USA

“I have been participating in Susan’s Earth Medicine and Magic weekly online program since April 2020. Susan provides a secure, safe container for our Sacred Path sessions and these sessions have proven immensely beneficial for me, as she crafts a sacred space to explore and release deeply held traumas, receive wisdom from the imital realms, co-create with our ancestors and receive Medicine Wheel teachings. As a participant in what feels like an accepting and loving family, I am given the opportunity every week to cultivate deeper listening skills, new strategies to reflect on my personal narratives, build trust and be present for the other members of our tribe. Personally, I feel more liberated, clear, grounded and connected to the world than I have in many years. Every week, I look forward to Susan playing her medicine drum, listening to the teachings, being in community and weaving some magic!”

Sky Riverhawk ~ Montreal, Canada

“I attended Susan‘s Shamanic Retreat last year in Costa Rica. I didn’t know what to expect and it far exceeded my highest expectations!  The retreat was a powerful magical experience from the beginning to end.  I left the retreat feeling lighter, younger, recharged and open to new possibilities.  I am in my mid-sixties and I told Susan that I never thought I would have this kind of experience again.  I am so grateful.
Susan is a master at creating deep shamanic journeying experiences.  We had many over the week, mixed in with walks on the pristine beaches, swimming in the warm ocean at different times of the day, a beautiful fire ceremony at sunset followed by an evening swim in the waves together, drumming and a powerful shamanic journey on a farther away beach, delicious fresh local homemade food at every meal and the best outdoor yoga classes I’ve ever had …it was heavenly….Oh, my, I felt so alive again and open to creating a vision for an inspiring life that I had given up on years before.  Susan took care of every detail and made it so easy for all of us.  We felt well taken care of and loved.  I highly recommend going on this adventure with Susan.  I will certainly go again, hopefully this year.”
Leslie Danziger ~ Colorado, USA

“Susan is a powerful, intuitive healer, teacher, and seer. Her approach is deeply respectful of the individual. Susan has an open heart and a remarkable capacity for deep listening. She is tremendously humble and gives feedback and insight that is transformational, deep, and true. I began to work with Susan when I was 17 years old (about 17 years ago). I was in the early stages of recovering memories of sexual and physical abuse, and I needed help to navigate what was a very complicated and difficult time. As a way to cope with my trauma, I had lived most of my 17 years ‘asleep’, unconscious of the fear that was coloring my life. The work I did with Susan was instrumental in my healing and awakening. During our time together, I learned to trust my own intuition, and I learned to find answers and healing from within. I learned a language and gained an understanding about personal power and boundaries that I continue to use every single day. My journey has been long. In these last 17 years I have worked with numerous therapists, councilors, psychics, and teachers. The quality of healing work that I did with Susan stands alone – not only because of the personal tools I gained in the process, but because her approach was so deeply tailored and intuitively tuned to me and what I needed at the time. It was an honor to work with her, and I will be forever grateful to her for all she has given me.” 

Ghigs Razi ~ Ashland, Oregon

“I recently completed a one-year commitment of working with Susan.  I walked away from the work we did together with more tools for personal growth, deeper insights into myself, and a more deeply embodied sense of personal direction and purpose.  I continue to integrate all the jewels from this beautiful journey, and appreciated the opportunity to do this work closely with Susan”.

Alyssa M ~ Missouri, USA

“I have worked with Susan Jenkins for 8 months.  She is a wonderful midwife shaman but is also much more.  She is wise, kind, compassionate, non judgmental, and a friend.  She creates a safe environment for journeying, healing and for discussing feelings that often like to remain hidden. She gently suggests things such as writing vision statements, answering some questions after the classes and journaling. I was resistant to doing the work but when I did it I learned so much more about myself. I highly recommend her if you are interested in shamanic work and learning more about yourself”. 

Cris Glawe ~ Iowa, USA

Iowa, USA

“Each meeting I have had with Susan is a true gift. With the journeys and knowledge Susan provided, I am able to truly look within. There are so many inner layers to discover, and rediscover. Shining a light on these layers, and learning to use my inner resources has been a game changer. My life is becoming a more confident, courageous journey that I am proud to lead.” 

Christina Guidici Rhode Island, USA

Rhode Island, USA


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Meet Susan Jenkins

Susan Jenkins, Healer, Light Worker, & Medicine Dreamer has been walking her spirit path for 37 years. A seasoned practitioner and loving guide, Susan helps people heal, empower themselves and fully embody their soul purpose and visions through spirit and earth centered practices, sacred ceremony and guided journey work. Susan opened to her unique gift of sight 38 years ago when faced with a debilitating health crisis that opened her to the mystery, healing power and guidance from the spirit realms- launching her onto her healing path.

A heart-centered light-worker, Susan journeys into the spiritual realms for inspiration and guidance from the earth, nature, spirit allies, and animal guides – and works with the transformative powers on the Universal Wheel of Earth. She collaborates with luminous beings to clear, uplift, and balance disruptive energies. Clients report profound healing and positive shifts from working with her.

Susan works with people in her private Dreaming & Embodying Your Vision Program and her signature Birthing Into Being and Your Divine Union Within group programs. She also offers retreats, daylong intensives, and distance home and land clearings, worldwide.


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