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Day #1

Monday, February 26th

Chief Robert
& Terri TallTree

Day #2

Tuesday, February 27th

Day #3

Wednesday, February 28th

Day #4

Thursday, March 1st

Day #5

Friday, March 2nd

Day #6

Saturday, March 3rd

Day #7

Sunday, March 4th

Day #8

Monday, March 5th

Day #9

Tuesday, March 6th

Day #10

Wednesday, March 7th

Day #11

Thursday, March 8th

Day #12

Friday, March 9th

Day #13

Saturday, March 10th

Day #14

Sunday, March 11th

Day #15

Monday, March 12th

Dustin Urban

Day #16

Tuesday, March 13th

Day #17

Wednesday, March 14th

Day #18

Thursday, March 15th

Day #19

Friday, March 16th

Day #20

Saturday, March 17th

Day #21

Sunday, March 18th


Chloe Urban’s Bonus

Harness the Power of Questions to Transform Your Life
Short Video Instruction & Daily Email Inspiration

Jocelyn Mercado’s Bonus

Connect with the Earth & Cosmos
To Activate Your Intuition & Brilliance
27 Page E-Book

Ana Maria Vasquez’s Bonus

Shadow Animals Seminar
Who They Are and What They Teach Us

Susan Jenkins’ Bonus

Journey to Rattlesnake Fire Spirit
and Circle of Shamans and Healers
Shedding old skins, masks and false illusions of self – MP3

Sandra Ingerman Interview

2nd Annual Inner Warrior Summit

Itzhak Beery Interview

3rd Annual Inner Warrior Summit

Robert and Terri Talltree Interview

2nd Annual Inner Warrior Summit

Tera Maxwell Interview

2nd Annual Inner Warrior Summit


Tropical Retreat in April,
Her Year-long Group Program or Private Program

Meet your host Susan Jenkins

Susan Jenkins is a Shaman Priestess and Medicine Dreamer who uses shamanic spirit and earth based practices to help people heal, empower themselves, and align with their soul essence and purpose. Susan received her unique gift of sight over three decades ago when she faced a serious health crisis that opened her to the realms of spirit and her shamanic path. She journeys there to receive wisdom, inspiration and guidance from the earth, spirit guides, power animals, the elements and forces of nature.

A heart centered light worker, Susan works in collaboration with spirit animals and luminous beings to clear, heal, uplift, and balance energies. Clients report profound healing and positive shifts from working with Susan in her Dreaming and Embodying Your Vision Personal Yearlong Program & her Birthing Yourself Into Being Yearlong Group Program. The next group program begins in June 2018. CLICK HERE to find out more! If you’re interested in working with her privately you can set up a time to talk by CLICKING HERE.

To learn more about my personal healing journey, my vision and shamanic work, please Click the Button to the left to listen to my exclusive interview.