After riding the energies of yesterday’s emotional full moon, we’ve finally arrived in the first full week of the New Year. It’s a poignant time that carries with it great promise, and renewed hope for creating a “new lease”on life. Like many, you’ve probably made promises to yourself and your intentions have now been cast.








What I’ve noticed around this time of year, is that alongside our fresh hope and willingness to change and make this the best year ever, can come an underlying pressure. Most likely your dreams are bold. You may wonder if you’ve  created a good enough, big enough vision. You may wonder if you’ve left something out?

Even though it feels so great to hang beautiful new calendars, clear off our desks, start writing in our new journals and more; we know we haven’t changed overnight, just with the hanging of a new calendar! We still have old habits and patterns to release and shift. We still have to do our inner work. This isn’t meant to sound daunting, in fact, it’s an exhilarating time! It just takes awareness, simplicity, focus and a plan.

Have you created a vision that stretches you a little beyond your comfort zone, knowing this is where growth and breakthroughs occur. Now, so as not to sabotage yourself, I want to share what I do to take away  overwhelm, stay focused and on track, and set myself up for success.  I have a large vision and plan for the year that I’ve cast out and “let go”into the universe, to ride the thermals of spirit. Now my job is to not to over think or worry over it anymore, though I can still tweak and adjust it if I’m naturally inspired to.

I then break my vision down into smaller, more manageable inspired actions. I look one month ahead, then one week ahead, and then when I wake up each day I focus on just that day. What can I reasonably commit to and follow through with by the end of the day? Once I do this, I often cut that list by 1/3! The Inner Warrior takes on enough to stretch herself, move a little out of  her comfort zone, but still manageable. This is how we set ourselves up for success. We can always add another task later if we finish early!

When I take smaller inspired actions and follow through with them, I show my essence and spirit that I can be trusted with my word. When I do this my guides, allies and helping spirits become more inspired and interested. They remain close by. Things fall into place and seem to magnetize towards my vision.

I’ve talked a lot of people over the past year and have given them many suggestions, practices and inspired actions to take off the call. Though well intentioned,  I wonder how many have actually followed through with these on their own?  If you’re one of these people, please don’t feel bad, you’re actually in the majority. Maybe you just need a good spiritual mentor and guide to hold you accountable!

The truth is that even the most evolved, seemingly conscious people need support and accountability. In fact, it’s usually just when we’re closest to a major breakthrough, that things come up to test us, and make us want to run back to our familiar comfort zones. This is when a mentor is invaluable in helping us through the challenging times and who can stand in the fire with us and cheer us on.

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