Valentines Day greetings from the snowy Maine woods!

Valentines Day, “the holiday of love” can conjure up a mixed bag of emotions, right? We all want to love and be loved. And, when it comes to the subject of love, whether you’re in a romantic relationship or not, the pressure and expectations that tend to come up on this particular day, can be a lot.

Memories of Valentines Days past can be triggered and catch us totally by surprise. The human heart is so very tender. Accepting and loving what is and allowing ourselves to be present and feel deeply, no matter what’s going on, is the key to deep inner peace, power and freedom!

Our vulnerability is one of our greatest strengths. Softening our hearts, letting down our guard and sometimes letting our hearts crack wide open, takes a tremendous inner warrior’s courage! The good news is that once we actually get brave enough to do this, we can then truly tend to and stoke our heart fires, tap into authentic love and cause ripples of peace all over the planet.

I hope you’re loving and accepting yourself fully today, exactly as you are; right here, right now! And, if you feel a little cracked open in your heart remember to honor your vulnerability as one of your greatest strengths!

These are challenging times, and love is the pathway to peace.

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With light and love,

Gentle Buffalo Woman


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