I know that every thought I think and word I speak has tremendous creative power, and that I’m fully responsible for a great deal of what shows up in my life. Even still, it’s easy to get lazy and unconscious at times, and feel powerless and “victim to”.

We all have a unique thread that we add to the exquisite web of life.  

Moment by moment you’re spinning and dreaming your life into being. There’s so much that’s totally out of your control, but one thing you can always control is what you think, focus on and say. You can choose to be either an unconscious or conscious dreamer with your words, thoughts and actions. It takes awareness and mental discipline to choose to walk the path of a conscious dreamer.

When I ask people what they want and what they’re dreaming for their life, I’m struck by how many dive right into telling me about all the things they don’t have and don’t want.

It’s such an unconscious habit with so many of us. On the shamanic path there’s the common understanding that we’re all literally dreaming our lives and the world around us into being, moment, by moment, by moment.

How about you? Are you a conscious or unconscious dreamer?
One of the many beautiful things about the shamanic path and way of being is that visioning, imagination, conscious dreaming and co-creating our world are at the very core of how, who and what we know to be. Magic, possibility and dreaming are the living roots that are essential to carefully fertilize, nourish, water and tend to with our choice of words, thoughts, beliefs and actions, on a daily basis.

Does your current life mirror your soul’s desire? If not, please be kind and accepting with yourself because with awareness, practice and focused intention, you can absolutely shift and create a life that reflects your deepest aspirations, hopes and dreams!

You can start today by carefully observing, choosing and spinning your words and thoughts to create the ignited fulfilling life you truly desire. Here’s to powerful dreaming!


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