I’m so blessed to live deep in the Maine woods by a pond. This time of year is breathtaking, with the leaves turning color, and flocks of fall birds busily passing through one last time before heading south for the winter.

And then there’s the incessant sound of field crickets, like music streaming in from the angelic realms. One of these mornings, on the heels of the first hard frost, the crickets will be gone, leaving a palpable silence hanging in the air. A sure sign that winter’s setting in.

The magical dragonflies are very active now too, gliding, darting and dancing around the yard flashing vibrant reds, purples, iridescent greens and blues. The other day, I was sitting outside praying and drumming and was visited and guided on a journey with an ancient dragonfly spirit who shared some powerful messages about her medicine of light, color adaptability and fluidity. How they can help us be more flexible, quickly shift and change our habits, fly freely, venture out of our comfort zone and explore completely new ways of being.

Dragonflies’ colors are created by their unique cell structures that scatter and refract light, similar to rainbows. Because of this, they’re associated with mysticism and magic and are powerful allies for our inner creative muses and rainbow warriors.

Connected to the element water and air. Their eggs are laid in water, where the nymphs remain for up to 2 years before they mature, metamorphose, then move into the realm of air. Their medicine helps us balance our emotions and overly active minds.

This month’s moon is all about integration, balance, establishing healthy boundaries and being conscious of limited, rigid thinking and beliefs. So dragonfly is a powerful spirit ally to work with during this moon cycle.

The dragonfly spirit emphasized that we can all magnetize great abundance through our creative gifts! That it’s time to break through limiting cultural beliefs, often projected on us from a very early age, telling us to forget our magical ways of being, stop dreaming and “get your head out of the clouds!”

She said it’s essential to revoke and relinquish the collective myth of “the starving artist”, and that great abundance can absolutely be generated from our creative passions, talents and gifts!

So you may want to call on dragonfly medicine to tap into your creative gifts, genius and inner power this month!

With light and love,
Gentle Buffalo Woman

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